Terex India R&D Engineering Center is Here to Serve You

Terex India R&D Center (TIRC), established in December 2008, is highly respected worldwide for providing top-level engineering services to Terex Corporation businesses.  The team that is based out of Bangalore supports about 15 Terex engineering centers around the world.

现在,我们已经敞开了大门兼任之外的客户。  我们准备满足特定项目的工程需要或以补充现有的工程资源。 tirc致力于提供导致为您的企业设备精良的生产率差异化,创新的解决方案。它是全球性的协作和本地创新的完美平衡。


TIRC - office lobby

The Terex India R&D Center was established with the objective of providing engineering support to all segment engineering teams across the globe including products manufactured indigenously to suit the Indian market.  The team supports engineering in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The Terex India R&D Center unites professional expertise with practical experience in Technical Publication, Product Design, Computer Aided Engineering (Simulation & Virtual Testing), Product Evaluation and Testing.  More than 150 team members, including members of associate partner companies, are continuously proving their excellence and adding onto the success of the center.

Virtual prototypes of components and aggregate assemblies are made and assembled on computer workstations using 3D technology.  The performance is checked on computers using simulation techniques, thus saving a lot of time for the end-user as well as lowering development costs.  The team has won accolades globally for their innovative solutions, which has resulted in delivering better value to our end customers.  Currently, Terex India R&D Center supports the following Terex locations:

  • 特雷克斯高空作业平台的网站:雷蒙德(美国),常州(中国),俄克拉何马州(美国),翁贝蒂德(意大利)
  • 特雷克斯实用程序:沃特敦(美国)
  • 特雷克斯材料加工点:坏施波恩(德国),比德韦尔(美国),布里斯班(澳大利亚),克雷斯佩拉诺(意大利),邓甘农(北爱尔兰,英国),fontanafredda(意大利),韦恩堡(美国),墨尔本(澳大利亚)牛顿(美国),奥马(北爱尔兰,英国)


夏尔马的Vineet,执行董事 -  tirc夏尔马的Vineet,执行董事 - tirc 


  • 在设计工程和制造工程OEM经验
  • 工程公司,而不仅仅是一个服务公司  
  • 针对在不同的产品组合和功能的产品工作
  • 曝光和专业知识在整个产品开发生命周期

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  • 梅艳芳维尔马,副工程集团经理                                   anita.verma@terex.com


New Product Development
Technical Publications
Product Cost Reduction
Maufacturing Engineering
Product Benchmarking
Product Testing Validation
Legacy Data Conversion
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Change Management
Sourcing 支持
Hydraulics Engineering
Engine Emissions Management
Special Projects